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   Qaiser Saleem (official name: Badrul Hasan) was born in 1927 in a small village Ar-rha of Bihar, India. He belongs to the Mallick family of Bihar. He worked for the Muslim League while in college for the independence of Pakistan.
   After the independence of Pakistan he moved to East Pakistan in 1947. In 1948 Qaiser Saleem joined Pakistan Air Force, moved to Karachi and settled there. While in the Air Force he completed his college education. He laid the foundation for several social organizations, wrote several short stories, essays, and thought provoking articles. Qaiser Saleem’s first book “Chotoo Aur Motoo” for kids and the novel “Kishwar” for grownups were first published in the 60’s. After retirement he authored several books.
   His literary work is ongoing and several books are in writing and in print. He has visited several countries including Sri Lanka, Iran, Turkey, China, Libya, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Canada.

Book Series "Afsana"
Mallick Bradri ka Safr

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A-132 Sector 11-B, North Karachi, Pakistan

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